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“Ron has the ability to transport you somewhere else while you lay on your hotel room bed. He has the skills to deliver a variety of massages, I opted for something between sensual and Traditional Chinese, and he accommodated my needs perfectly. To say that he exceeded expectations does not begin to high light his talent to knead away your stress and liberate your body from daily burdens.“ - Ricardo, 01-02-17


“I'm a massage fan. I always try different massage places when I travel. I visited Ron 2 months ago. Honestly, Ron gave better massage than 5-star hotels. His hands are intuitive and his strokes are moderate and comfortable. One more plus is that he speaks good English so we communicated very well." - Scott, 12-01-17


" His massage was very professional, soothing my whole body from sores and aches. He will keep asking me if the pressure is right, always making sure I am comfortable throughout the session. And I feel very safe with him." - John, 02-02-16

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