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Top 5 Chinese Restaurants to Try in Shanghai

Knowing that you may be a little nervous to try Chinese food, but you are/will be in Shanghai, it's absolutely a must-do to try authentic Chinese food. I'm not talking about stir-fried beef or chicken, orange chicken that you tried in your country. I mean real Chinese food.

The list I give has already considered that you might not want to go too extreme. No organs, not too spicy, clean and safe. Most importantly, with English menu. Of course, you may think, is this list of restaurants only for tourists? No. These are the restaurants I personally go as well. (I'm Chinese).

1. 十食湘Bistro

Food region: Hunan (famous for spicy)

Must try: Ribs

Local ratings: *****

However, the restaurant is cater to people who can't eat too spicy but still want to have the flavor. The ribs is the must-try. Very tender of soft. The cumin seeds on top adds so much flavor.

2. Din Tai Fung

Food region: Taiwan

Must try: Soup dumblings, deep fried pork chops

Local ratings: ****

The brand comes from Taiwan. Not many local goes there, not because the taste is bad or anything. It's just fancier than a normal soup dumpling restaurant. However, you can still taste authentic soup dumplings. You can also get a chance to see how they make soup dumplings through glass windows. Many branches in Shanghai. You may just Google the nearest from where you stay.

3. Lost Heaven Yunnan Restaurant

Food region: Yunnan

Local ratings: ***

Yunnan cuisine is famous for their seasonings and fungus. It's the type of cuisine that has not yet been brought to other countries. However, because of the seasonings and fungus, the food is usually very favorable. It's one of my favorite region of food. This restaurant has many local dishes yet they've created a fusion dishes that's also very delicious.

4. Xibo Xibonese Restaurant

Food region: Xinjiang

Local ratings: ***

Must try: Big plate chicken

Xinjiang region is famous for lamb dishes and skewers. If you are lucky, you can see a chef grilling skewers at the outdoor deck. If you are not a fan of lambs, there are still many other choices. Big plate chicken is my favorite.

5. Xia Restaurant

Food region: Shanghai

Local ratings: *****

Must try: Shizitou, Hairy crabs

A small and local Shanghai Restaurant. Very retro interior. I don't know if the waiters speak English. This restaurant is probably the most local one on the list. Shanghai food is famous for it's sweet taste with a bit of soy sauce. Since you are in Shanghai, why not have a look? Remember to try Shiziou - pork meat balls.

You might notice that none of the restaurants listed are from the same region. Chinese food has many regional specials. I hope you will find your favorite regional taste. Let me know what do you think if you've tried any of these.

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