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Tips about Massage in Shanghai

If you are traveling in Shanghai, don't miss the change to get a nice massage. Here are some tips for getting massages in Shanghai.

1. Does Spas provide shower rooms?

Most of the Spas don't. Even they do, they do not keep it clean or maintain it properly. So I advice you to shower before entering the Spas. However, the high-end Spas do provide showers. See my list of high-end Spa recommendation here:

2. Can I ask for male or female therapists?

Yes, you can. In fact, a lot of Spas would inquire your preference when you make a reservation.

3. Do I tip the therapists?

Although China does not have the tipping culture, the masseurs and masseuses in Shanghai are used to receiving tips from western customers/tourists. How much varies individually. However, it is entirely up to you to tip. Not tipping is also normal.

4. Happy ending?

If you are looking for more than a normal massage, you probably shouldn't be looking at legit Spas. They do not provide happy ending. Although it may occur that some of the therapists give more sensual massage, they do not 'finish' you with a happy ending.

5. How much should I pay for a regular massage?

Some people who are not aware of the status of Shanghai may think everything should be cheap in China. However, things are getting more and more expensive, especially in Shanghai. So please do not expect to pay $20 to get a massage. For a good 90 mins massage, it usually cost

High-end: 500rmb-900rmb

Medium: 400rmb-500rmb (most common)


I do not recommend you to go for low-end as the cleanliness of Chinese environment does not usually match the western standard. You will feel disappointed if you have a higher demand.

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