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What Happens During a Massage Session

If this is the first time that you receive a massage and wondering what will happen during a massage session, here are the steps that you can expect from me.

Before massage

1. We exchange emails and set up an appointment. You may tell me in advance what do you like and how you would like to have a massage. Most importantly, is there any body parts that you would not like to be touched or put oil on.

2. Please take a fresh shower. 20 mins before the massage starts is recommended.

3. Not drink too much water 30 mins before the massage.

4. I'll greet you and set up towel, oil and music

5. Adjust temperature and lights

6. You get undressed and lie in bed

7. I change to clothes for massage and wash my hands

During massage

1. You lie on your stomach first and I start with your back

2. Full body massage

3. After around 60 mins, turn over and lie on your back, the massage goes on for 30 mins more

After massage

1. Take a shower

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Relaxed :)

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