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What is a Good Oil Massage

I've personal received many massages from different therapists. Unfortunately in China, most of them do not focus on push and pull skills while doing oil massage. This may due to the fact that most of them are trained for traditional Chinese massages in the beginning. However, nobody has told them that a good oil massage should use palms instead of fingers. Below is a good YouTube video that I found online, demonstrating the importance of push and pull skills.

About me: I'm genuinely in love of massage. I started with enjoying receiving massages. I've found it relaxing and sensually awakening. Unsatisfied with a few massaging experiences, I started to learn giving massages and became a masseur. I give massage to male.

To me, a good masseur needs to connect masseur's hands to clients mind. It's the rhythm that you take slowly guide clients to relax. A good masseur should be able to feel client's sensuality.

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