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Sensual Massage - Is It Right for You?

Sensual massage is the use of hands and body to stimulate the sense of touch of a partner. It is considered a way to simultaneously relax and excite both members of a couple. It sounds interesting but it's not for everybody.

1. It is not sex

If you consider this is a foreplay before sex, you will be disappointed. I admit that it is often quite hard to draw a clear line between those two concepts. However, a sensual massage does not include intercourse or penetration. While that keeps us in safe territory, it also denies or downplays the fact that massage is in fact a sensual experience – as in pleasing to our sense of touch. In fact, people who enjoy sensual massages are not who look for sex. Most of them want to experience the enjoyment of being touched.

2. Are you a sensual person

You may ask yourself. Am I a sensual person? Do I enjoy being touched? Can I feel the sensuality while being touched? Some people are more sensitive than others. Those people are in general sensitive and get aroused while being touched around inner thighs, gluts, neck and abdominal area. If you don't enjoy being touched, this is not for you.

3. Feel, listen and enjoy the sensation

Touch is from practitioner to the client for the purpose of promoting awareness, pleasure, healing and empowerment.  The client learns how to receive and feel, listen to and enjoy his/her own sensations. The distraction of mutual touch and trying ‘to take care of the other person’ dissolves, giving you the freedom and grace to feel your own body.  One often remarks, “I felt heightened peace and excitement…at the same time!”

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