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Massage Language in Chinese

Massage can be expensive in western countries. If you are traveling in Shanghai, don't miss the change to get a nice massage.

In my earlier post, most of the high-end Spas are English friendly. You can speak simple English in the Spas listed. However, if you want to go more local Spas. It's hard to communicate. Below is a list of Chinese words that might help you with communicating.

Massage 按摩

Head 头

Shoulder 肩膀

Thigh 大腿

Leg 小腿

Neck 头颈

glut 臀部

Too painful 太痛了

Please press lighter 按轻点

I don't like hard pressure 我不喜欢按太重

Traditional Chinese massage 传统中式按摩

Oil massage 油压

male masseur 男技师

female masseuse 女技师

60 mins 60分钟

90 mins 90分钟

120 mins 120分钟

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